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Alaska Materials

Webinar: Re-Entry in Alaska - A Grassroots Approach to Reducing Recidivism through Community-Based, Collaborative Re-Entry Programs - Webinar featuring Cathleen McLaughlin, Partners Reentry Center Director and Morgen Jaco, Reentry Coordinator, Probation Officer, Alaska Department of Corrections. From this link you can order the webinar for free.

Omnibus Crime/Corrections Bill, SB 64 TITLE: "An Act establishing the Alaska Sentencing Commission; relating to jail-time credit for offenders in court-ordered treatment programs; allowing a reduction of penalties for offenders successfully completing court-ordered treatment programs for persons convicted of driving while under the influence or refusing to submit to a chemical test; relating to court termination of a revocation of a person's driver's license; relating to limitation of drivers' licenses; relating to conditions of probation and parole; and providing for an effective date." Link to bill. PDF

Recidivism in Alaska's Therapeutic Courts for Addictions and Department of Corrections Institutional Substance Abuse Programs Alaska Judicial Council, March 2012

Alaska Five-Year Prisoner Reentry Strategic Plan, 2011-2016 - Alaska Prisoner Reentry Task Force (2011)

Alaska’s Five-Year Prisoner Reentry Strategic Plan, 2011-2016 – An overview of the issues and summary of recommendations. Alaska Justice Forum, Summer/Fall 2011

2012 Alaska Offender Profile - Alaska Department of Corrections

Criminal Recidivism in Alaska, 2008 and 2009 - Alaska Judicial Council (2011) 

The Cost of Crime: Could the State Reduce Future Crime and Save Money by Expanding Education and Treatment Programs - Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), University of Alaska Anchorage (2009) 

 Prisoner Reentry Manual - Department of Corrections (2012)

National Materials

States Report Reduction in Recidivism - The Justice Center - Council of State Governments (2012) 

Return on Investment: Evidence-Based Option to Improve Statewide Outcomes - Washington State Institute for Public Policy (2012) 

State of Recidivism: The Revolving Door of America's Prisons - Pew Center on the States (2011) 

One in 31: The Long Reach of American Corrections - Pew Center on the States (2009) 

Adults with Behavioral Health Needs Under Correctional Supervision: A Shared Framework for Reducing Recidivism and Promoting Recovery - National Institute of Corrections, Justice Center The Council of State Governments, and U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance (2012)