The three founders of the Anchorage Municipal Wellness Court, John Richard, Judge Jim Wanamaker and Janet McCabe.

The three founders of the Anchorage Municipal Wellness Court, John Richard, Judge Jim Wanamaker and Janet McCabe.

You be the Judge...

Imagine the following scenario: Seven prior misdemeanor convictions – three petty thefts, two drunk driving, a disorderly conduct, and an assault.  A brief stint in a treatment program for alcoholism.  The defendant is before the court again Read more...

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Therapeutic Court Graduates

Indigent Therapeutic Court Participant Assistance

Using Alaska Department of Health and Social Services funds, Partners provides basic needs assistance to indigent participants of therapeutic courts state-wide.  New participants frequently have no resources after incarceration and need housing, food, bus transportation, and other stabilizing assistance to allow them to focus on the court program and their long-term sobriety. 

You can find the standard elements for Drug and DUI courts in the 10 Key Components of Therapeutic Courts developed by the National Drug Court Institute. Partners for Progress fulfills the "community based organization" component by generating community support and providing flexible services to the therapeutic courts for the success of their participants.

Therapeutic Groups

Moral Reconation Therapy

Partners for Progress provides critical elements of the therapeutic court program by contracting facilitators for Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) groups. All participants must complete MRT before they can graduate from the program.

Wellness Together

Wellness Together is a facilitated peer support group that encourages bonds between Wellness Court participants in their journey towards long-term sobriety.  Therapeutic Court alumni with at least two years since graduation facilitate the groups and are supported by Partners for Progress. In Wellness Together participants share their successes and concerns in a safe environment and learn to enjoy social events sober with familiar people. Alumni facilitators provide role modeling for participants by offering direct experience of the therapeutic court process and recovery.

Research and Innovations for Reducing Recidivism

• 24/7 Sobriety Monitoring Pilot Project. Daily News article.

• Adjunctive Medication Treatment – which can reduce cravings for a substance without creating a new addiction


Strengthening Problem-Solving Justice in Alaska

Partners for Progress works with State of Alaska agencies, Alaska legislators, and the Alaska Court System to provide information regarding legislation that will strengthen and develop problem-solving justice in Alaska.

Training and Education

• Training scholarships for therapeutic court team members

• Public education forums

 • More resources available on our resources page


Financial Management Services

Partners for Progress provides financial management of external grants to various therapeutic courts of the Alaska Court System